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05 June 2008 @ 05:27 pm
We all like a completed fic. But sometimes, that pesky thing called Real Life gets in the way. So...switching fandoms? Leaving writing for greener pastures? Just damn tired of that one fic you can't seem to finish? Let us have it.

fic_adoption is a pan-fandom community that strives to find homes for orphaned fics. Our mission is:
To create a place where authors who, for whatever reason, are unable to finish their works can turn them over to capable individuals.
To encourage good will within the fanfic community.
To keep good ideas going.
To answer the question "Well HOW DOES IT END?!?"

If you're interested, check out fic_adoption. Spread the word, and adopt a fic today.

(Posted with devildoll's permission
11 December 2006 @ 01:12 pm
Hello all. Newbie here, big fan of The Fanfiction Glossary: very useful.

I don't have a definition to add, but a request: What exactly is the definition of "fanwank"? I see it mostly at TwoP. It seems to mean a backstory and/or explanation that a fan will create in order to make up for apparent inconsistencies and/or plotholes (if you are a House fan you will know why this seems so necessary these days) in canon. Do I have this about right?
20 April 2006 @ 12:11 pm
This is a long-overdue intro from your new community owner.

As you guys know, this journal was originally run by kielle as a submission/updates forum for her fandom glossary site.

kielle passed away in September of 2005, and as a result this journal is no longer associated with her site. It is now the sister community for newbieguide, a community that was started to help people new to LiveJournal or new to fandom on LiveJournal. Terms posted here will no longer be added to Kielle's site.

If you would like to post a fandom term to this community, please use the following subject line format:

Term (Fandom)

If you do not know the fandom, or if it is a general term, use "Unknown" or "General."

Please tag your posts with the appropriate fandom, if the tag is available. I will continually add tags as necessary. You can find a list of tags for this community here.

Please only post one term per entry.

If you post more than one term, or do not format your subject line as specified, I will comment and ask you to edit your post. Please do not give me attitude over your inability to follow directions. :)
18 April 2006 @ 02:43 am
Couple things I noticed weren't on the site:

Fandom Terms

Word/Term: Alternate Timeline (abbr AT)
Meaning: Sometimes considered a subset of AU, this refers to fanfic that explores ways the canon might have gone, but didn't. In many cases this is done by changing a single essential canon detail and then tracking the fallout. AT fanfics generally follow a "what if" format: What if Giles hadn't found Buffy, What if Naruto had been adopted.
Original Fandom(s): general

Word/Term: futurefic
Meaning: Fanfic set in a projected post-series future, often many years after the ending.
Original Fandom(s): general

Word/Term: genderswitch
Meaning: see 'genderfuck', although without (necessarily) the connotation of screwing with the readers' minds.
Original Fandoms(s): general

Word/Term: numerical pairings
Meaning: Some fandoms have adopted the habit of labeling their pairings by number. Two prominant examples are Gundam Wing and Saiyuki, in which each of the major characters is assigned a number based on name, ie Quartre = French for four = 4, Hakkai = similar to Japanese eight = 8. Notably, the creators of the original series use naming schemes that encourage this practice.
Original Fandoms: Gundam Wing, Saiyuki

FPS: Fictional Person Slash, as opposed to RPS (Real Person Slash).
WRT: With Regard To. See also "re" (regarding).

Names of Fandoms
a:tla is the acronym for "Avatar: the Last Airbender." Fans are called "avatards," although technically this term is reserved for fans who scored higher than 50% on YKYWTMATLAW quizzes (You Known You Watch Too Much Avatar: The Last Airbender When...)
puppyshippers are people who 'ship Sirius/Remus (Harry Potter). The verb form is "puppyshipping".
16 April 2006 @ 06:30 pm
Word/Term: canonshafted
Meaning: I believe it's another word for "jossed".
Original Fandom(s), If Known: I saw it being used by some Potterfen, but I don't know if that's where it originated or not.

Word/Term: redshirt, red-shirt
Meaning: The original Star Trek often introduced characters whose sole purpose was to die violently shortly after being introduced, usually about ten minutes into the episode. These characters were usually in the Security department and therefore wore red shirts. The term "redshirt" is used to refer to any minor, expendable character who will probably be killed off quickly.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: Star Trek

Word/Term: Favorite Character Mutilation Syndrome
Meaning: A condition which causes a fan to enjoy reading and/or writing stories that abuse his/her favorite characters, injuring them or even killing them off. Can be abbreviated to FCMS. Term coined (I believe) by Empress Leia.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: Star Trek


11 March 2006 @ 08:20 pm
Hope this place isn't dead... anyway, I have a submission of a term that I was rather surprised not to find in the Glossary:

Word/Term: x
Meaning: Much like /, x is used between characters' names or initials to designate a romantic and/or sexual pairing (het or slash). For example, SephirothxCloud, Sephiroth x Cloud, or SxC. The same note for /, regarding proper ordering of names, applies to x as well.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: Not sure; I think it's in general use, but it seems more prevalent in anime/manga/game fandoms.

(if used, please credit to Reeve again ^_^;)
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21 December 2005 @ 07:38 pm
This is another HP-specific term, but it is quite well-known within HP fandom.

Word/Term: Severitus Challenge
Meaning: The challenge to write a fic in which Snape turns out to be Harry's father/Snape adopts Harry/somehow Snape and Harry are put into a father/son relationship. Many fics have been written based on this premise. The original challenge can be found here.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: HP, obviously.

19 December 2005 @ 09:04 pm
Word/Term: oldbie
Meaning: The opposite of a newbie, i.e. someone who has been around an online group or community for quite a while.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: Umm... dunno.

Word/Term: Sinking a 'ship
Meaning: When a writer/creator of a show/book etc. reveals that a certain 'ship is definitely uncanonical. Said 'ship is now considered to be "sunk".
Original Fandom(s), If Known: So far I've only seen it in HP fandom, in reference to the recently-sunk Harry/Hermione 'ship.

Here's a very fandom-specific one that I figured I'd submit anyway:

Word/Term: Harmonian
Meaning: A supporter of the Harry/Hermione 'ship, AKA the H.M.S. Harmony.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: Harry Potter
21 November 2005 @ 06:00 pm
I humbly submit two terms for your consideration.

Word/Term: Dribble

Meaning: A new form, akin to the drabble but more restrictive (if you can imagine!) A dribble must be exactly 55 words -- starting with a line of 10 words, then a line of 9 words, then 8 words, then 7 words, and so on. Like this:
    10 word line
    9 word line
    8 word line
    7 word line
    6 word line
    5 word line
    4 word line
    3 word line
    2 word line
    1 word line
The best dribbles appear to be those with completed "thoughts" -- phrases or sentences -- for each line, although there is, understandably, some fudging.

Original Fandom(s), If Known: Lord of the Rings (RPS and FPS). The form appears to have been invented by ismenin here and then to have taken off in the fandom, popping up everywhere. There are many examples, but here is a Gen one in addition to Ismenin's original RPS one.

Word/Term: Double Dribble aka Drool or Drubble (I made up the word Drool for the LotR FPS fandom, since it seems an appropriate label for the form in that context, but I believe that Ismenin has called it a Drubble.)

Meaning: A reflective version of the dribble -- doubled and inverted. It takes the original dribble and reversing it -- going back up again to 10 words for a total of 110 words. Like this:
    10 word line
    9 word line
    8 word line
    7 word line
    6 word line
    5 word line
    4 word line
    3 word line
    2 word line
    1 word line
    1 word line
    2 word line
    3 word line
    4 word line
    5 word line
    6 word line
    7 word line
    8 word line
    9 word line
    10 word line

Original Fandom(s), If Known: Lord of the Rings (RPS and FPS). I believe that ladysunrope actually wrote the first one, but ismenin mentioned the possible doubling of the form. Again there are many examples, but here and here are two of the first.

Thanks for your consideration.
20 November 2005 @ 08:45 am
Here is a term that I've seen used a couple times before:

Word/Term: Twincest
Meaning: Romance between a pair of twins, such as Fred and George Weasley.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: No idea, sorry.

These are specific to the Harry Potter fandom, so you might not want them, but I thought they were funny so I'll submit them anyway.

Word/Term: VaporMort, Vapor!Mort
Meaning: Lord Voldemort in his "spirit" form, as he was between his first downfall and when he got his body back in GoF.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: Harry Potter

Word/Term: QuirrelMort, Quirrel!Mort
Meaning: The combined Quirrel/Voldemort entity in PS.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: Harry Potter

Word/Term: UglyBaby!Mort
Meaning: Voldemort as he was seen briefly in GoF, in a temporary baby-like body.
Original Fandom(s), If Known: Harry Potter

Also I have some info on the "Bleeprin" that was mentioned by jaymesilvermane. It was coined by Meir Brin for the PPC, and can be found here. Also, the term "nuzgul" originated in OFUM and can be found here.

By the way, there is a dead link in the entry on "fanfic".